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  1. Release LS [Riot, Garena] - 13.5.2

    Here you may download LS Loader for Riot regions and Garena.
    You can purchase access to LS in our shop here or here. Depending on your preferred subscription time we support different payment options.
    THIS IS ONLY FOR RIOT & GARENA REGIONS! Supported regions: NA, EUW, EUNE, RU OCE, LAN, LAS, TR, BR, Garena DX9 Legacy Mode must be enabled in the game. We plan to support DX11 in near future, but not yet. Instructions:
    Make sure you have DirectX SDK (June 2010) installed. You may download it here. Get archive with the loader by downloading this file. Unpack downloaded archive in separate folder with simple path, something like C:\LS\ or D:\LS\. Path with unusual characters or too long path may cause problems. You may need to whitelist loader folder in Windows Defender or any other antivirus. In some cases it may be required to disable your AV completely. Make sure you have Vanguard completely disabled or even better uninstalled. Make sure to run LS.exe as administrator. To register an account in our system please proceed to "Sign up" tab as demonstrated in screenshot below and enter your details. You may enter your license code here as well.
    If you already have an account and want to add more game time to it, proceed to "Renew" tab, enter your account username and your fresh license code.
    After login loader may prompt for an auto-update. If it's your first time launching it - it will take some time to download all necessary files. Press the button to begin auto-update process. Once you login don't forget to select your region:
    Press "Run" and LS will be ready for injection. After that you may start the game (or you may run LS after the game has been started). LS will automatically detect the game and if everything is okay it will show two message boxes. Just press OK on both of them and LS should load after that.
    If you do not get these message boxes it is probably because you didn't run LS as administrator or you don't have DX SDK installed.  
    Injection works, I can move in game with spacebar, but I can't see any visuals and can't open menu (shift key):
    Try pressing F2. This is default hotkey for Streamer Mode, which completely disables LS visuals. Maybe you disabled it by accident. Make sure you don't use any overlays or any other third-party software which may interfere with the game, such as: software Nvidia Experience / Freestyle / Shadowplay Windows Game Bar / XBox Live Overlay After every reboot LS tells me that HWID reset is required.
    This is because your HWID (Hardware ID) gets changed. Normally this shouldn't happen, but there are number of reasons why it does:
    HWID is calculated from data about your CPU, HDD/SSD, Host Name and your network adapter's MAC address. If any of these change - your HWID will change too. Most common reason why it randomly changes after reboot is that you may have multiple network adapters and our software may generate new HWID using different adapter each time. It may be possible that your network adapter changes MAC address every reboot. This may be caused by MAC address spoofing implemented in VPN software. So check your network adapters and try disabling those you don't use. Injection doesn't work or I can't see message boxes.
    Make sure to install DirectX SDK and to run LS as administrator. Whitelist LS folder in Windows Defender or even better disable it completely. Disable any other antivirus if you use any. I get random errors related to DirectX.
    Install DirectX SDK.  If you receive error S1023 while installing DX SDK - please follow instructions here. I get this error when injecting in-game: Exception EAccessViolation ...

    You need to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Download All-in-One package with all versions which you may need: Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One
    Just run install_all.bat I get this error when injecting in-game: '1970-01-01 0:00:00' is not a valid date and time.

    You will have to change your short date format to yyyy-MM-dd
    To do this please open your Windows settings: Region -> Change date, time or number formats. You can open it with either of these ways: Open Windows Explorer, type this path Control Panel\Clock and Region\Region and press Enter. Open Windows Explorer or press Win+R, type intl.cpl and press Enter. Depending on your system language this format may be different (use different letters).
    Basically you need the format to be year-month-day just like this for example: 2022-04-18 Choose yyyy-MM-dd short date format like on this picture:
    If you were able to change this here, then just save your settings and it should be fixed. If not, and you don't have this option, please go to: Additional settings... -> Date -> Date formats -> Short date -> Type manually yyyy-MM-dd -> Save by pressing OK.



  2. ASK [CN, 中国] - 12.22.1

    ASK - 仅在中国有售