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Announcement Beware of scammers!


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It came to my knowledge that some people lost their accounts due to hackers and scammers who deceived them.

Please remember, OUR STAFF WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD. We may only ask for your username and your proof of purchase (card code), but we will NEVER ask for your password or any other personal data.

If you lose your account because you gave your password to someone or it was too easy to guess - it is ONLY YOUR FAULT and you may not get this account back. We do not have password recovery feature on purpose to prevent people from sharing their accounts. If you are sharing your account with someone (renting it or giving your password away) - then face the high risk possibility of losing your account forever.

I repeat WE WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD, so don't tell it to anybody. Do not share your account.

Please DO NOT USE YOUR USERNAME AS YOUR PASSWORD. I was sure that it is common sense these days and in 2021 I shouldn't warn users to be careful and protect their accounts with strong password.

To protect your account please always follow these simple instructions:

  1. Under any circumstances never tell your password and account details to anybody!
  2. Never use your username as your password. Always make sure your password is different from it and it's not easy to guess it. Make your password difficult to crack.
  3. Remember, that this website is the only official source of LS platform. Download our platform only from this website. We are not responsible if you get hacked because you downloaded some fake platform from other resource.
  4. Some unscrupulous people like to pretend to be me or other staff members. They contact users in the chat or direct messages and ask for password and other personal data. They may also ask for money or offer you to download some suspicious files. Real staff would never do this! So always check if you are talking to real staff member or administrator. It is easy to do by visiting that person profile and check what group he is in: 


Please stay safe.

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